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NOTE: This is a non-union, volunteer-based production.

Players is committed to inclusive casting practices and reflecting the diversity of our community on our stage. We encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, disciplines, and genders for all roles. Players is committed to providing support to differently-abled artists. If you require support of any kind, let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.


Players thanks all applicants for their submissions, however, only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

Please review the character breakdowns below and then proceed to the bottom of the page to apply to audition.

Character Breakdowns


Harvey Spectre (Male, any ethnicity): a ruthless lawyer with emotional issues and obsessed with his professional reputation - will do anything to win his case. He is very bro-ey, competitive, insecure and wants to prove how much better he is in an immature way. This alpha male from Suits is the ‘bad guy’s’ lawyer, but he doesn’t let anyone get the better of him.


Bruiser Woods (Male or Female, any ethnicity) (Dog): Elle’s dog and sidekick. Besides Bond, they are the only other character who can see Sean Connery’s ghost, and is a bit gruff, blunt, and reluctant to be dressed up all the time. Realistic, sarcastic, but still loyal to Elle. Sort of like Brian from Family Guy. An actual dog played by a human. 


Elle Woods (Female, any ethnicity): Spectre Litt’s newest junior partner. Incredibly kind, smart and wise in the world of cosmo. She is tired of not being taken seriously, and is seriously smarter and better than you can imagine. A bit naive with her first-world-problems, but she always looks on the bright side and tries to see the best in people. 


Paulette (Female, any ethnicity): Aesthetician turned legal secretary, she works at Spectre Litt Woods, and is a truly hopeless romantic. Falls for the wrong guys all the time! She’s a bit rough around the edges, sometimes vapid, troubled with self-doubt, but enthusiastic about girl power, danger, and excitement. Elle’s best friend and confidant, she falls hard for an international man of mystery.

Sean Connery (Male, any ethnicity): Scottish Accent The gross ghost joke machine devil on Bond’s sharp-suited shoulder. He is the ghost of James Bond Past, but also just Sean Connery. He is sexist, cocky, puts everyone down, and indignant. He is offensive, out of touch, but still somehow endearing, like a sexy grandpa that’s still got “it”


James Bond (Daniel Craig) (Male, any ethnicity): British Accent Our Bond, he is effective, an extremely fit hunk of meat - though, he is struggling with being more woke in the new millennium while representing a dated franchise. He struggles with the old school Connery ghost on his shoulder, and is getting a little too old for this shit. He has a strange familial love for M like she is his real mum. Could Paulette finally fill the hole in his heart?


QuPaul (Gender Inclusive, Black) - Like our Queen of Drag, RuPaul, but with the geeky gadget flair of Bond’s Q. Gives our characters the tools and runway-worthy disguises needed to foil Poutine’s plot and ultimately help everyone find their inner power through charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Confident, sassy, and exceptionally good with puns and wordplay QuPaul is the epitome of Military Intelligence Eleganza. 


Poutine (Female, any ethnicity) Russian Accent - Putin’s evil twin sister Poutine is more evil than her brother, and wants to prove just how bad she is. She is a bit over the top, gets frustrated when things go wrong and has bizarre Putinism like shirt off, bear wrestling etc. Her weak point is if you criticize her for not being as evil as her brother. Her power comes from the type of melodrama only an epic Bond villain can harness. 


Handjob (Male or Female, any ethnicity) - The classic Bond henchman / evil sidekick. Obedient to Poutine, but distracted by their existential “who am I”? Handjob is trying on different personalities, different schticks and having identity issues on their quest for self discovery. Can QuPaul help Handjob find themselves in a sea of tropes? 


M (Female, any ethnicity) British Accent - Judy Dench Cat Lady - the head of the british secret service, she is James’ boss. A real woman, but reallyreally  into cats and maybe part of her brain is cat. She doesn’t always trust James, her problematic fave, and needs to find M16 some new blood. She is a very British, mum-like cat lady, with sharp instinct and claws to match.