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Character Breakdowns


AMY SANTIAGO (Female, any ethnicity): A brilliant, driven type-A detective, Amy has been studying under Captain Holt to become a sergeant at the 99.  She’s married to Jake Peralta. When ghosts invade the Nine-Nine, Amy sees a unique opportunity to learn about the supernatural and fix this deficiency in her precinct - can Amy fix the 99 and achieve her dreams?


JAKE PERALTA (Male, any ethnicity): Jake is a joker and a damn good cop, but his lifelong daddy-issues have led him to be uncertain about himself and his place in the world - he loves his partner (both on the force and in love) Amy, but his daddy-issues are increasingly compromising his ability to solve cases. Can he get over his issues before they cost him everything?


CAPTAIN RAYMOND HOLT (Male, Black): The unflappable Captain of the 99th Precinct, Holt is a cultured, stoic leader who secretly views the 99 as his family.  He is mentoring Amy, whom he knows has great potential, and wants to help Jake achieve his potential as well. He is in a loving marriage to scientist Egon and the two have a daughter, Holtzman.  Holt is a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural; but will the haunting of his own precinct change his mind?


CHARLES BOYLE (Male, any ethnicity): An earnest, puppy-dog of a human, Boyle is Jake’s best friend and a firm supporter of all those around him.  He also has a tremendously bad habit of speaking in innuendo, both intentionally and unintentionally. Boyle wants to help save the Nine-Nine, but he quickly gets wrapped up in a scheme…


GINA LINETTI (Female, any ethnicity): The queen of drama, memes, and attention at the Nine-Nine, Gina is Holt’s secretary.  Nothing escapes her notice and she uses that to manipulate those around her for their benefit (and her amusement).  Gina loves to be the centre of attention, is a tremendously good dancer, and is the mastermind behind what’s happening to the Nine-Nine...


EGON SPENGLER (Male, any ethnicity): The scientist brain behind the Ghostbusters, Egon is a bookish leader obsessed with paranormal science.  The leader of the Ghostbusters, Egon has a genuine curiosity and fascination with the paranormal, though he leaves the tech stuff to his brilliant daughter Holtzman.  He is married to Holt and secretly wishes his husband appreciated the paranormal the way he and Holtzman do.


JILLIAN HOLTZMANN (Female, any ethnicity): The eccentric inventor of the Ghostbusters, Holtzmann loves coming up with weapons to bust ghosts.  Eager to end the ghost threat, she is determined to outfit the 99 team with proper gear. A delightful weirdo, Holtzman is eager to show her parents that her new ideas will help them both.


BILL (fucking) MURRAY (Male, any ethnicity): Bill Murray.  What can be said about Bill Murray? Bill is the confident, charming (if snarky) face-man of the Ghostbusters.  A long-time friend of Egon’s, Bill has bad luck with ghosts and love; he’s always had difficulty committing since losing his son and it’s put a huge strain on his relationship with Dana.  He could have it all, if he’d just get his shit together…


DANA BARRETT (Female, any ethnicity): Dana is a tough, capable woman who may or may not have fought and killed a bunch of aliens that one (four) time(s).  Her strained relationship with Bill reaches its breaking point when he returns unexpectedly. Suddenly possessed by Zuul, Dana has become a super villain who intends to unleash hell on earth. As Zuul, Dana is a formidable, bad ass - all the things she’s secretly always been.


ABBY YEATS/HONEST ED MIRVISH (Female, any ethnicity): The comic relief of the Ghostbusting team, Abby is a positive, bubbly go-getter who has always loved all things ghosts.  Unfortunately, Abby is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, constantly missing the ghosts. All she wants is to see one...will she manage to before the show is done?!


The actor playing Abbey also plays HONEST ED MIRVISH: a friendly ghost, Ed mistakenly thought the Nine-Nine was a 99 cents deal and is determined to make the most of it.  Constantly throwing out horrible puns and seeking deals, he’s the Slimer of the show...don’t just stand there, buy something from him!

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