Nominees for the Board of Directors

Below are the nominees for the four open Board positions being filled at our 2018 Annual General Meeting. The nominees are listed alphabetically by first name and include a brief paragraph from each nominee as to why they'd like to be on the Board of Directors. If you can, please read these in advance of the vote on Friday, October 26th.


Felicity Barons

I have been a part of Players since it was begun and I have been lucky to see it grow. My time in the board has helped me have a hand in that growth. I would like to return to continue to foster our new initiatives including outreach and inclusivity. My strengths include idea generation (day think tank, bro) and enthusiasm. I want to continue to champion Players for its unique and amazing qualities. Additionally, my vast crew experience (having done several roles) will end invaluable as we continue to improve our crew on-boarding and outreach mandates.


Jeff Adams

My name is Jeff and I have been a member of the Players family since 2015 and have been involved, in one way or another, with every show since. Players and the people involved have become such an integral part of my life in every way imaginable. I served on the Board for the past two years and would love nothing more than to take on another term to do even more for my second family! We are at such an exciting time in Players' life and I would love to help maintain this course we have set ourselves on.


Merritt Crews

Players has been my family for a very long time. As I’ve been a cast member thrice, choreo twice, and a previous board member, I feel I know the inner workings of this organization very well. I have plenty of ideas for the future of Players, I play well with others but also enjoy being in a leadership position, and I fancy myself a good listener and a safe person to talk to (two things I firmly believe are essential for a Players board member). I would love the chance to contribute through a position on the board once again.


Michael Henley

Over the last two years, Players has been an amazing opportunity that has changed my perspective on performance and fun. I would love nothing more than to introduce the Players experience to the next generation of young performers and expand our current audience base. I have planned tours for musical groups as well as been part of creative teams for various theatre productions, allowing me to be a potential asset to the Players team. To be a part of the Board of Directors is a step I would be excited to take in my Players career.


Michelle McLeod

Hi, I'm Michelle! I want to be part of the Players Board of Directors because I believe this organization is incredibly important to the Toronto theater scene. As a member of the board, I want to bring the practical knowledge I have gained over the years to help further develop the success of this company. I want to help strengthen the Players marketing and industry connections to help promote the Players company objectives. I want the opportunity to artistically collaborate behind the scenes and have a hand in making this company grow and thrive weather i am on or off stage.

Peter Higgins

I co-founded Players in 2004 and since then have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing our little company grow into a big family. Players is uniquely special because of the multitude of generous contributions by talented and passionate people. I'm constantly amazed by what you create! 


It's been my pleasure to help guide and foster the growth of Players over these 14 years. If I am elected, and if the Board sees fit to place me on the Executive, I will begin what will likely be my final term with Players. In that term, my focus will be on two primary goals: 1. To continue to seek out and prepare the next generation of Players leaders, and 2. To prepare the company for their leadership.


Also, beer!





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