Ratified Constitutional Changes

The 2016/2017 Board of Directors of Players proposed 19 amendments to our 2013 Constitution. These amendments were shared with all Members, and were discussed in detail at our 2017 Annual General Meeting. Following the discussion, a vote of the assembled Members took place, leading to the ratification all of the proposed amendments. As a result our new Constitution has been adopted, which you can find attached below.

10 of the amendments were minor corrections or housekeeping in nature.

6 of the amendment were moderate in nature. They were intended to bring the Constitution in-line with our current practices.

3 of the amendments were significant in nature. They revised our definition of Membership; revised the way new Executive Members are chosen, and revised the election process. They were intended to clarify rules for quorum at future AGMs, as well as make the Executive fully accountable to all Members.

Below are the old Constitution, the new Constitution, and a listing of all the amendments.

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