Fall 2018


Show Description


A one act sketch comedy musical show created in the traditional Players style; this performance will be part of our second tour outside Toronto, including stops in Peterborough and Sudbury!


Sketch Troupe may be new, but it's already off to a great start! With this tour, we'll be building off the amazing momentum and energy of last year's inaugural tour and adding Peterborough as our middle tour stop. We're convinced this year's tour will be magical and mysterious and definitely worth attending!


The touring shows will consist of all new sketches purpose written for this new Players adventure, and will focus, perhaps loosely, on the theme of "Journey and Touring" and all that entails. One thing is for sure, it'll be funny, cheeky, and 100% asinine! Tickets on sale NOW!




The Players

Chelsea Jayne Bray

John Beauchemin
Matty Burns
Meg Mack
Steven Suepaul

Tanya Filipopoulos 

The Band

Brent Vipond - Drums & Percussion

Dan MacKay - Bass Guitar

Luke O'Brien - Keys, Rhythm Guitar

Jeff Adams - Lead Guitar, Keys

The Production Team

Brent Vipond - Music & Vocal Director

Chelsea Jayne Bray - Writer

John Beauchemin- Writer
Matty Burns- Writer
Meg Mack- Head Writer & Director

Nick Wakeham - Writer

Peter Higgins - Producer
Steven Suepaul- Writer & Vocal Director

Tanya Filipopoulos - Writer

Written by The Cast, Nick Wakeham & Meg Mack

Directed by Meg Mack
Music and Vocals by Brent Vipond and 
Steven Suepaul

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