Active & Social Member Portal

This is where Active and Social Members of Players can come to find new information and resources related to Players. This portal is maintained by the Players Board of Directors, and any responses provided here should be considered to come from the Board as a whole. We're also happy to hear of any ways you think we can improve this portal, so please feel free to make suggestions!



Currently before the Membership:
Nominate a Charity of your choice

We are accepting charity nominations from all Players Members for our 2020 Season charities. The three selected charities will receive the proceeds of our entire 2020 Season. Feel free to nominate a charity that's close to your heart and please explain why you feel it would be a great fit for Players.

Nominations are now accepted year-round.   CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE A CHARITY



1. Ask or say anything!


This is your place to ask any question you may have of the Players Board, or to make a suggestion for a change. If you want to be anonymous, simply enter "" in the email field and we'll post a response to your question in this space. Otherwise, if you use your own email address we'll send our response directly to you. Depending on the question, we might also post our response publically after seeking your consent.

2. Active vs. Social Membership


The primary difference between Active and Social Members is that only Active Members can run for the Board, vote on questions posted at the AGM, and vote for new Board Members. All Active and Social Members will receive all official Players emails except for emails specifically related to voting as per above. There is no cost for either type, and any Member can shift between each type at will. There is an automatic two-year expiry on Active Memberships, but there is no limit on renewing them for another two years.​

2a. Active Member List

Not sure if you're an Active Member or not? Here's the current official list of Active Members:

3. Honesty Hour Responses

Attached is a transcript of responses given by the Players Exec & AD to the questions posted at the 2018 AGM.

4. The Players Constitution

Attached here is the current Players constitution. The constitution was last updated October 2018.

5. Results of the 2018 Constitutional Vote

Attached here is a breakdown of the results of the Active Membership voting at the 2018 AGM.

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