The Production Team

Anna Smith - Writer 

Blair Macmillan - Producer

Brent Vipond - Music Director

Bridgette Cann - Writer

Cam Parkes - Writer

John Beauchemin- Writer

Justin Martins - Writer

Laurel Brady - Writer

Liz Currie - Production/Stage Manager

Matty Burns - Dramaturgy

Meg Mack - Dramaturgy​

Michelle McLeod - Director

Nick Wakeham - Writer

Peter Higgins - Website & Tickets

The Players

Anna Smith 

Bridget Cann

Cam Parkes
John Beauchemin

Justin Martins

Laurel Brady

The Band

Brent Vipond - Bass & Keys

Chris Riddell - Guitar & Bass

Chris Young - Drums

Umair Baig - Guitar

Written by The Cast, Nick Wakeham & Michelle McLeod

Directed by Michelle McLeod
Music and Vocals by Brent Vipond

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