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Cast, Crew & Band


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Summer 2005


Show Description


A Cutthroat Boardroom Fairytale

True love, revenge and business savvy collide in this fun-filled musical sketch comedy revue featuring a dozen Toronto singers and actors.  Blending the disparate elements of The Apprentice's boardroom drama, The Princess Bride's romance and fantasy and Kill Bill's vengeance-driven carnage, THE APPRENTICE BRIDE brings together classic characters from all three popular phenomena to form a mixture of laughter and song.

The megalomaniacal Donald Trump must find an Apprentice from a motley crew of competitors ranging from the aspiring poet Fezzik to the hyper-violent O-Ren Ishii to the revenge-seeking Inigo to the frothing mad Omarosa. Mixed into all of this are star-crossed lovers Westley and Kill Bill's Beatrix Kiddo, whose devotion must carry them through obstacle after obstacle.

Written by Robert Knox and Justin Skinner
Directed by Michael Payne
Music and Vocals by Jamie Lamb and Frank Cipolla


The Production Team

Christopher Bond – Associate Producer
Frank Cipolla – Band Director
Gillian Steeve – Box Office Manager
Jamie Lamb – Music Director 
John Holm – Graphics, Web & Programme
Michael Laird – Sound 
Paul Levia – Sponsorship 
Peter Higgins – Producer, Production Manager, Lights
Shivani Lakhanpal – Front of House
Tim Evans – Associate producer

The Players

Aaron Stern – Fezzik the Giant
Andrea Caswell – Martha Stewart
Andrew Johnston – George Vizzini
Danielle Meierhenry – Omarosa
Greg Komorowski – Inigo Montoya
Jim Vlahos – Donald Trump
Laura Barr – Beatrix Kiddo ‘The Bride’
Laura Rocca – O-Ren Ishi-i
Lyranda Martin Evans – Elle Driver
Kirsten Gallagher – Ivana Trump
Paul Levia – Westley ‘The Dread Pirate Mirvish’
Tim Evans – Peter Falk  + many others 


The Band

Aaron Duncan – Sax
Dan ‘Banger’ McKay – Bass
Don Duval – Guitar
Frank Cipolla – Drums
Graeme Drinkwalter – Trumpet
Jamie Lamb – Keys



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