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Cast, Crew & Band


Fall 2005


Show Description


Comedy, Coffins and Cavities

Hilarity and horror collide in this frightfully funny beer hall cabaret featuring ten Toronto singers and actors. COUNT CHOCULA’S BREAKFAST CLUB brings together elements of teen sensation The Breakfast Club, horror film classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula and 80’s masterpiece Teen Wolf.

Will the teenagers survive the night? Will they make it to breakfast time? Watch as the teens from The Breakfast Club are sentenced to detention in the most haunted house in Toronto. Filled with hilariously terrifying classic movie monsters, the house is the perfect setting for fun and fear. The teens must face off against a washed-up Count Dracula, a nagging Mummy and a conflicted Teenwolf, to name a few.

The Players

Brian Crosby - Brian “The Brain” Johnson

Eytan Millston - John “The Criminal” Bender

Gia Como - Claire “The Princess” Standish

Jimmy Vlahos - Count Dracula
Kate Hewlett - Bride of Frankenstein

Melissa Mae Lloyd - Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Laura Rocca - Allison “The Basketcase” Reynolds

Paul Levia - Andy “The Jock” Clarke

Peter Fulton - Teenwolf / Marty McFly
Sheena Turcotte - The Mummy

The Band

Aaron Goldstein - Guitar

Connor Thompson - Drums

David Finkelstein - Guitar / Keys
Matt Heywood - Bass

The Production Team

Aislinn Ritchie - Stage Manager

Brian Pickett - Sound Dude

Darcy Montgomery - Design Dude

David Finkelstein - Music Director

Eleri Evans - Choreography

Frank Cipolla - Web King

Jamaal Grant - Fight Master

John Holm - Design Stud

Kate Hodgert - Choreography

Kristen Parisi - Choreography

Laura Barr - Director

Lorna Bennett - Publicity Manager
Michael Payne - Writer
Peter Higgins - Lights, Camera, Stage
Tim Evans - Writer


Written by: Tim Evans and Michael Payne
Directed by: Laura Barr
Music and Vocals by: David Finkelstein

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