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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2006


Show Description


The kids of the O.C. along with chaperones Sandy Cohen and Julie Cooper are spending their summer in Toronto earning extra credits to graduate high school. Unfortunately things go from magic to tragic when Julie turns up dead. In a hugely convenient and lucky coincidence, parts of the CSI Teams of Miami and Las Vegas are in Toronto for an International Crime Conference: “Bug Man” Gil Grissom the leader of the investigators along with the sly Horatio Cane, gun-totting Calleigh Duquesne and the no-nonsense Catherine Willows. The CSI’s leap into action and begin to question the O.C. gang, covering every angle. Helpful flashbacks provide the exposé required to assemble the parts of this chilling mystery.

The Players

Ashley Callaghan – Marissa
Danielle Meierhenry – Female Swing
Gia Como – Summer
Laura Rocca – Julie
Melissa Lloyd – Caliegh
Meredith Shaw - Catherine
Eytan Millstone - Ryan
Jimmy Vlahos – Sandy
Jon Langley – Seth
Josh Weale – Gil
Paul Levia – Horatio
Tim Evans – Male Swing

The Band

Aaron Duncan - Sax
Aaron Goldstein - Guitar
Chris Hicks – Keys
Isaac Klein – Drums
Dave Finkelstein - Guitars
Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet
Matthew Heywood - Bass

The Production Team

Aislinn Ritchie – Choreographer
Amy Hopkins – Stage Manager
Brian Pickett – Sound

Chris Hicks - Music Director
David Finkelstein – Band Leader
Frank Cipolla – Web King

Greg Komorowski - Writer

Jimmy Vlahos - Writer

Joan Smith - Choreography 

Kate Hodgert - Choreography

Kristian Bruun - Director
Mike Zikovitz – Graphic Design
Paul Levia – Sponsorship
Peter Higgins – Producer, Lights, Video
Rob Knox - Marketing
Tim Evans – Sponsorship & Writer 

Written by Greg Komorowski, Tim Evans and Jimmy Vlahos
Directed by Kristian Bruun
Music and Vocals by Chris Hicks

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