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Friday Night Pints.jpg

Cast, Crew & Band

Fall 2011


Show Description 

Similar to last fall’s Save the Tranzac and summer productions in Kingston, Friday Night Pints will be made up of a series of sketches with an underlying theme joining them together.  


So what’s the show about?  Hard to say, it’s comprised of 13 completely unrelated scenes... but I can tell you this: it’s gonna be awesome!

The Cast:
Alexander Reed Whitlow

Aimee Collins

Andrew Kelly

Brian Russell

Dana Kaluzny

Gia Como

Matt Burns

Ruth Goodwin

Sandy Gibson

Shannon Mitchell

Shira Taylor

The Band:

Guitar - Ben Wright

Guitar - Dan Simmons

Drums - Derek Zwiep

Keys - Ian Eatock

Bass - Tim O’Reilly

Trumpet - Graeme Drinkwalter

Baritone Sax - Ilena Culleton

The Production Team:

Asta Augaitis - Head Choreogra-fist

Chris Peressotti - Script Help

Derek Zwiep - Musical Director/Band Leader

Ilena Culleton - Vocal Director

Katie Robinson - Choreogra-fist

Kelly Payne - Groupie

Laura Hopkins - Stage Manager

Laura Webster (McKenna) - Choreogra-fist

Matt Burns - Facilitator

Megan Mackeigan - Script Help

Megan McCarthy - Associate Producer

Mike Payne - Script Help

Nicole Dunn - Choreogra-fist

Peter Higgins - Producer

Tim Evans - Script Help

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