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Cast, Crew & Band

An adventure 65 million pints in the making.


June 4-6 & 11-13 2015 • the Tranzac 292 Brunswick Avenue

Summer 2015


Show Description

When Toronto City Council realizes that Rob Ford didn’t bid for the Pan Am Games, but mistakenly on the Panem Hunger Games instead, they have to think quick to avoid disaster. Olivia Chow volunteers as Game Maker and, capitalizing on the surging popularity of the Toronto Raptors, hires InGen engineers to bring an exciting, real-life dinosaur theme to the Games.


Tributes from all the Districts come to Toronto Island to compete and ultimately survive the sensationally salacious spectacle. But when life inevitably "finds a way," both the predators and the prey escape into the unsuspecting city, throwing Toronto into chaos! Adversaries must quickly become allies if there's any hope to save the Toronto we know and love from extinction...



The Production Team

Aimee Collins - Choreo

Alessandra Ferreri - Stage Manager

Andrew Kelly - Writer & Choreo

Ashley Keefer - Choreo

Asta Augaitis - Choreo

Felicity Barons - Producer

Freyah Durand - Vocal Director

Graham Smith - Music Director

John Stuart Campbell  - Sound Operator

Josh Murray - Choreo

Laura Moniz - Production Manager

Leila Bannister - Props & ASM

Matty Burns - Writer & Head Choreographer

Meg Mack - Board Liaison & Props

Megan O’Kelly - Choreo

Nicole Dunn - Choreo

Peter Higgins - A bit of this, a bit of that...

Robin Henderson - Choreo

Sandy Gibson - 50/50

Sarah Bruckschwaiger - Director

Shannon Mulligan - Choreo

Shira Taylor - Choreo

Skye Ashby - Props & ASM

The Players

Brian Russell

Candice Gilliam

Dana Schiemann

Dave Miller

Jeff Adams

Megan O’Kelly

Merritt Crews

Michael Ceci

Nicole Buscema

Simon Lee


The Band

Ben Birchard - Guitar

David Finkelstein - Guitar

Derek Zwiep - Drums

Graham Smith - Bass

Jamie Lamb - Keys

Tim O’Reilly - Trumpet

Written by Andrew Kelly and Matty Burns

Directed by Sarah Bruckschwaiger
Music and Vocals by Graham Smith & Freyah Durand

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