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Cast, Crew & Band

the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave

June 7-9 & 14-16, 2018  •

Doors Open @ 7:30pm • Shows Start @ 8:30pm • This is a 19+ event • All sales final - no refunds


Avenger Dale was a huge success

and we have you to thank for it!

Summer 2018


Show Description:

The Infinity Wars are over and now the Avengers are stuck in an age of boring, boring peace…masquerading as high school teachers for the young and impressionable in Toronto’s Riverdale High School. What was once a life of chocolate milkshakes and jingle-jangle has now become a cesspool of teen angst and complicated love octagons for our swell millennials. Little did our super heroic teachers or our needlessly gritty comic book peers know that their education, friendships, and sex lives would never be the same again as they were all about to embark on a new adventure facing a red-lipped threat that would kickstart a new age at their humble school. One that we would all come to look back on as the beginning (or maybe the end) of everything: the Age of Archie.



The Players

Aimee Collins

Alessandra Ferreri

Anna Smith 

Dave Miller

John Beauchemin

Matty Burns

Merritt Crews 

Rochelle Bulmer

Steven Suepaul

Tanya Filipopoulos

The Band

Brent Vipond - Drums

Dan MacKay - Bass

Ethan Handy - Trombone

Jeff Adams - Guitar

Michael Henley - Trumpet and Keys

Russell Matthews - Saxophone and Keys

Umair Baig - Guitar

The Production Team

Alessandra Ferreri  - Head Writer

Alex Liu - Assistant Stage Manager

Ara Glenn-Johanson - Choreography

Ben Ireland  - Stage Manager

Brian Russell - Radio Frequency Manager

Candice Gilliam - Choreography

Chelsea Randall - Board Liaison

Dane Shumak  - Producer

Felicity Barons  - Head Choreo

Gia Como - Choreography

Hailey Adams - Choreography

Jeff Adams  - Music & Vocal Director, Co-writer

John Stuart Campbell  - Sound Design & Operation

Kevin Doe - Choreography

Leila Bannister  - Co-Production Manager

Liz Currie  - Assistant Stage Manager

Mark Driver - Video Editor

Maura Wingle-Land - Choreography

Megan Miles - Choreography

Meg Mack  - Head of Props, Sponsorship Coordinator

Michelle McLeod - Choreography

Peter Higgins  - Lights, Video, Website & Tickets

Ryan Saunders - Choreography 

Sam Pennington  - Co-Production Manager

Steph Brown - House Experience & Program Design Manager

Tom McGee  - Director & Co-writer

Written by Alessandra Ferreri, Jeff Adams and Tom McGee

Directed by Tom McGee
Music and Vocals by
Jeff Adams

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