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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2008


Show Description


With great power comes great irresponsibility!

Reality TV is teeming with D list celebrities. Desperate for another chance at stardom, they embarrass themselves by losing weight or dancing poorly. What happens when the D list superheroes who never made the leap to superstardom take their shot on Reality TV? The Surreal Life becomes The SuperReal Life! Watch what happens when the Greatest American Zeroes hook up with Flava Flav and work out their problems in front of a national audience, competing for a chance at the big time. The winner gets a three picture deal, the losers go back to being losers, guest starring on NBC's Heroes or Smallville. Whoever wins - we lose.

The Production Team

Amy Hopkins - Stage Manager

Annie Graham - Choreography

Aislinn Ritchie - Choreography   

CB Morewood - Director

Chris Hicks- Music

Darcy Montgomery - Graphic Designer 

Eleanor Bothwell - Co-Producer 

Frank Cipolla- Music

Jamie Lamb - Music

Joan Smith - Choreography

Kelly Payne - Random Tech Stuff

Laura Hopkins - ASM 

Michael Laird - Sound Design

Michael Payne - Writer

Paul Kugelmass- Music

Paul Levia - Writer

Peter Higgins - Co-Producer, Lights, Video, etc. 

Sam Fleming - Sound Opp.

The Players

Ashley Keefer - She-Hulk 

Ayla Rosendahl - Claire 

Candice Gilliam - Rogue

Josh Weale - Aquaman 

Mark Andrada - Green Arrow 

Mark Raheja - Flava Flav 

Michael Bodsworth - Robin 

Natalie Robitaille - Wonder Woman

Scotty Feynman - Superman 

Siobhan O’Neill - Catwoman 

The Band

Chris Hicks - Bandleader/Keys 

Craig Reid - Bass 

Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet

Julian Vardy - Drums

Written by Paul Levia and Michael Payne
Directed by CB Morewood
Music and Vocals by Chris Hicks, Paul Kugelmass, Frank Cipolla and Jamie Lamb


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