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Cast, Crew & Band


NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!


NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

Doors Open @ 7:30pm • Shows Start @ 8:30pm • This is a 19+ event • All sales final - no refunds


Thanks to our cast/crew/band/board, all of our sponsors & supporters and you, our audience.

Ghostbusters Nine-Nine was a total success in every way, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Summer 2019


Show Description:


There's a ghost haunting Toronto's new Nine-Nine Division and its odd-squad of hapless cops are at their wits' end… so who they gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Together with both OG and a new generation of Ghostbusters, the rock-star detectives of the Nine-Nine begin investigating the increased paranormal activity in the GTA! 


A spooktacular comedy that celebrates characters from across the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Ghostbusters franchises (while also telling an original story all its own), Ghostbusters Nine-Nine is an adventure full of heart, action, and truly horrific puns that'll have you laughing from beginning to grab your squad, fire up your Ecto-1 and come raise a glass with us!



The Players

Alyssa Curto

Anthony Walker

Blair MacMillian

Chris O'Bray

Jeff Adams

Joy Bernus

Megan Miles

Mj Cyr

Nathaniel Fried

Stephanie Brown


The Band

Adam Kaleta - Drums

Bruce Scavuzzo - Bass

Jay Yoo - Guitar

Michael Henley - Keys/ Trumpet

Russell Matthews - Keys/ Guitar/Sax

The Production Team

Aimee Collins - Props

Alessandra Ferreri - Choreography

Alison Blair - Choreography

Anna Smith - Choreography

Ben Ireland - Assistant Stage Manager

Brent Vipond - Graphic Designer

Bryan Kling - Production Manager

Dane Shumak - Producer

Eila McLeish -Props

Felicity Barons - Marketing Coordinator

Gia Como - Choreography

Hailey Adams - Choreography

Jeff Adams  - Co-Writer

Joey Graff - Head Choreographer ​

Kevin Weber - Videographer/ Editor

Leila Bannister - Choreography

Liz Currie - Co-Stage Manager

Matty Burns - Lights

Maura Wingle-Land - Choreography

Megan Kelly - Co-Writer

Megan MacKeigan - Props

Michael Henley - Co-Music & Vocal Director

Michelle McLeod - Choreography

Peter Higgins - Lights, Ticket Sales & Website

Russell Matthews - Co-Music & Vocal Director

Skye Ashby - Co-Stage Manager

Steven Suepaul - Director

Tanya Filipopoulos - Assistant Director

Tim Evans - Choreography

Tom McGee  - Co-Writer


Written by Jeff Adams, Megan Kelly and Tom McGee

Directed by Steven Suepaul, Assistant Directed by Tanya Filipopoulos
Music and Vocals by Michael Henley & Russell Matthews


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