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Cast, Crew & Band

Summer 2019


Show Description:


There's a ghost haunting Toronto's new Nine-Nine Division and its odd-squad of hapless cops are at their wits' end… so who they gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Together with both OG and a new generation of Ghostbusters, the rock-star detectives of the Nine-Nine begin investigating the increased paranormal activity in the GTA! 


A spooktacular comedy that celebrates characters from across the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Ghostbusters franchises (while also telling an original story all its own), Ghostbusters Nine-Nine is an adventure full of heart, action, and truly horrific puns that'll have you laughing from beginning to grab your squad, fire up your Ecto-1 and come raise a glass with us!



The Players

Alyssa Curto

Anthony Walker

Blair MacMillian

Chris O'Bray

Jeff Adams

Joy Bernus

Megan Miles

Mj Cyr

Nathaniel Fried

Stephanie Brown


The Band

Adam Kaleta - Drums

Bruce Scavuzzo - Bass

Jay Yoo - Guitar

Michael Henley - Keys/ Trumpet

Russell Matthews - Keys/ Guitar/Sax

The Production Team

Aimee Collins - Props

Alessandra Ferreri - Choreography

Alison Blair - Choreography

Anna Smith - Choreography

Ben Ireland - Assistant Stage Manager

Brent Vipond - Graphic Designer

Bryan Kling - Production Manager

Dane Shumak - Producer

Eila McLeish -Props

Felicity Barons - Marketing Coordinator

Gia Como - Choreography

Hailey Adams - Choreography

Jeff Adams  - Co-Writer

Joey Graff - Head Choreographer ​

Kevin Weber - Videographer/ Editor

Leila Bannister - Choreography

Liz Currie - Co-Stage Manager

Matty Burns - Lights

Maura Wingle-Land - Choreography

Megan Kelly - Co-Writer

Megan MacKeigan - Props

Michael Henley - Co-Music & Vocal Director

Michelle McLeod - Choreography

Peter Higgins - Lights, Ticket Sales & Website

Russell Matthews - Co-Music & Vocal Director

Skye Ashby - Co-Stage Manager

Steven Suepaul - Director

Tanya Filipopoulos - Assistant Director

Tim Evans - Choreography

Tom McGee  - Co-Writer



NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!


NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

NEW: Thurs. June 20 is PRIDE NIGHT!

Doors Open @ 7:30pm • Shows Start @ 8:30pm • This is a 19+ event • All sales final - no refunds


Thanks to our cast/crew/band/board, all of our sponsors & supporters and you, our audience.

Ghostbusters Nine-Nine was a total success in every way, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Written by Jeff Adams, Megan Kelly and Tom McGee

Directed by Steven Suepaul, Assistant Directed by Tanya Filipopoulos
Music and Vocals by Michael Henley & Russell Matthews


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