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Cast, Crew & Band


A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

Summer 2017


Show Description:

Six 20-something New Yorkers flee to Canada after Trump’s inauguration, but when one of their besties goes missing, the newly minted Torontonians must navigate their new city to get to the bottom of the mystery.


The strange disappearance comes just as a field trip from Hawkins, Indiana also arrives in town. Unbeknownst to these intrepid kids or their crazy chaperone, crossing the border doesn't protect them from the clutches of the Upside Down as something sinister has tagged along for the ride. 


Thankfully, even in the face of paranormal terror, unrequited love, and the pain of growing up, you can always trust that your friends will be there for you.



The Production Team

Alessandra Ferreri - Writer & Production Manager

Amelia Kellar - Choreo

Amy Hopkins - Social Media Manager

Andrew Kelly - Director

Asta Augaitis - Choreo

Ben Ireland - Assistant Stage Manager

Brian Russell - Choreo & Radio Frequency Manager

Candice Gilliam- Choreo

Dana Schiemann - Choreo

Dan MacKay - Choreo

Dane Shumak - Writer

Darren Moore - Sponsorship Coordinator

Dayna Miller - Choreo

Don Duval - Choreo

Felicity Barons - Producer

Hailey Adams - Choreo

Jillian Welsh - Choreo

John Stuart Campbell - Sound Design & Sound Operation

Kevin Weber - Video

Laura Moniz - Head Choreo

Leila Bannister - Props & Choreo

Mark Driver - Video Editor

Matty Burns - Musical Director

Megan Mackeigan - Props & Choreo

Merritt Crews - Choreo

Peter Higgins - Lights & Video
Sammantha Pennington - 
Assistant Stage Manager

Skye Ashby - Stage Manager & Props

Steven Suepaul - Vocal Director

Doors Open @ 7:30pm • Shows Start @ 8:30pm • This is a 19+ event • All sales final - no refunds

The Players

Chelsea Jayne Bray

Dane Shumak

David Miller

Jeff Adams

John Beauchemin

Megan Miles

Megan O’Kelly

Michelle McLeod

Stephanie Brown

Tanya Filipopoulos

The Band

Cameron Brown - Lead Guitar

Derek Zwiep - Drums

Ethan Handy - Trombone

Graham Smith - Bass

Ian Tate - Trumpet

Laura Tremblay - Rhythm Guitar

Matty Burns - Keys

Michael Henley - Trumpet/Synth

Russell Matthews - Sax

Written by Alessandra Ferreri and Dane Shumak

Directed by Andrew Kelly
Music and Vocals by Matty Burns and Steven Suepaul

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