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Cast, Crew & Band



Fall 2004

Show Description


The First Ever Queen's Players Toronto Show!

A mashup of the dudes from Old School and the ladies from Sex and the City served as the inaugural Players show in Toronto.


Mitch, Frank, Beanie and Dean Pritchard have moved to Toronto to start a new fraternity while Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, having exhausted all their options in New York, are in Toronto hunting for men. Joining them are Kim Bauer from 24, Paris Hilton, the foul-mouthed wedding singer from Old School and Evil Genious Mikhail Baryshnikov.


Hilarity ensued, and a new Toronto tradition of PLAYERS was born!



The Players

Danielle Meierhenry – Paris Hilton

David Finkelstein – Dean Pritchard 

Jeff Stevenson – The 13th

Jeremy Morris – Mitch

Joan Smith – Kim Bauer

Kate Ann Vandermeer – Carrie

Kris Bruun – Frank The Tank

Laura Barr – Charlotte

Leanne Morris – Miranda

Meredith Shaw –  Samantha​

Paul Levia – Barishnykov
Robert Knox – Beanie


The Band

Aaron Duncan – Sax

Chris Hicks – Keys
Dan ‘Banger’ McKay – Bass

Dave Pontello – Drums
Don Duval – Guitar

Frank Cipolla – Cowbell

Graeme Drinkwalter – Trumpet



The Production Team

Amy Hopkins – Stage Manager

Ben Birchard – MIA

Brian Ramos – Sound

Chris Hicks – Music and Vocal Director

Chris Bond – Casting Director/Associate Producer

Claudia Kada – Costume Designer
Felicity Alexander – Props Coordinator
Gillian Steeve – Box Office Manager
John Holm – Graphics, Web & Programme

Kate Hodgert – Choreography

Laura Hopkins - Assistant Stage Manager

Matt Olmstead - Web Hosting

Michael Payne – Director & Writer
Peter Higgins – Production Manager, Lights
Shivani Lakhanpal – Marketing & Sponsorship
Tim Evans – Producer & Writer

Written by Michael Payne and Tim Evans
Directed by Michael Payne
Music and Vocals by Chris Hicks, Frank Cipolla and Michael Payne


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