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Summer 2013


Show Description

After conquering the land of Westeros, King Joffrey and his gang of thrones turn their attention North of The Wall… and what do they find? The constitutional parliament, socialized medicine, and delicious Chalet sauce of CANADA!


Planning to trick Canadians into installing Joffrey as their King, they recruit the unwitting help of the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana to throw an epic King’s Tournament that will officially seal Joffrey’s reign of terror over the Great White North.


Will well-meaning Leslie Knope and her team uncover the King’s plot in time to save Canada? Will Ron Swanson stay loyal to his Pyramid of Greatness? Will Arya Stark avenge her father’s death and bring peace and justice to the Realm? Or will parliament be dissolved at the hands of a petulant boy king who isn’t old enough to tame his own dragon?


Trumpeted fanfare and misadventures await; when you play the game of Thrones and Recreation, you drink or you die.



The Players

Alison Blair    

Andrew Kelly     

Brian Russell    

Candice Gilliam        

David Finkelstein    

Katie Mills            

Megan MacKeigan    

Megan O'Kelly

Sandy Gibson        

Steven Suepaul    


The Band

Ben Wright - Guitar

Dan Simmons - Guitar

Derek Zwiep - Drums

Freyah Durand - Flute

Graham Smith - Bass Guitar

Tim O'Reilly - Trumpet & Keys

The Production Team

Aimee Collins - Choreo

Andrew Kelly - Writer

Asta Augaitis - Head Choreographer

Ayla Summers - Choreo

Darcy Montgomery - T-Shirts

Daryl Shaughnessy - Poster & Program Cover

Derek Zwiep - Musical Director

Erica Brown - Program

Felicity Barons - Choreo

Freyah Durand - Vocal Director

Graeme Drinkwalter - Sponsorship Coordinator

Jackie Andrade - Video 

Kristin Rodgerson - Props

Kirstin Whitfield - Choreo

Laura Hopkins - Associate Producer

Laura Moniz - Stage Manager

Laura Tremblay - Assistant Stage Manager

Laura Webster - Choreo

Leila Bannister - Choreo & Props

Mark Lesperance - Sound

Matty Burns - Writer & Director

Megan McCarthy - Program

Nicki Gallo - Choreo

Nicole Dunn - Choreo

Peter Higgins - Producer & Lighting

Shannon Mulligan - Choreo

Veronica Bart - Choreo

Written by Andrew Kelly and Matty Burns

Directed by Matty Burns
Music and Vocals by Derek Zwiep and Freyah Durand

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