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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2011


Show Description

What do you get when you mash-up TV Sensation The Office and Star Wars spoof Spaceballs?


The Office Spaceballs!  


Mayor Ford and his evil henchman Dark Helmet will stop at nothing to achieve supreme emperor power of the Universe of Toronto. Ford and Helmet plan to take control over the Rogers Media Empire through a crazy vaccine called B.A.L.S.  Michael Scott and the staff of Dunder Mifflin are caught up in the mayhem (because they’re now running Rogers) and Pam and Jim are thwarted in their wedding plans by the power hungry Ford. Little do they know that it is their destiny to use the Schwartz to confront Ford and Dark Helmet and save the day and the people of Toronto!



The Players

Alexander Reed Whitlow

Andrew Kelly

Ava Himmel

Brian Russell

Danielle Meierhenry

Kristin Rodgerson

Leila Bannister

Matt Burns

Matthew Payne

Tracey Beltrano


The Band

Anthony Rinaldi - Baritone Sax

Ben Birchard - Rhythm Guitar

Chip Snider - Alto Sax

David Wencer - Keyboard

Derek Zwiep - Drums

Don Duval - Rhythm Guitar

Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet

Graham Smith - Bass

Ilena Culleton - Baritone Sax

Paul Hopson - Guitar

Robin Jessome - Trombone

The Production Team

Adam Harendorf - Sound Operator

Aimee Collings - Choreo

Aimee Roy - Sponsorship

Alessandra Bennett - Costumes

Alli Etherington - Choreo

Ben Birchard - Writer/Choreo

Candice Gilliam - Choreo

Carolyn Hicks - Stage Manager

Chris Peressotti - Director

Darcy Montgomery - Graphic Design

Fraser McDonald - Video/Tech

Graeme Drinkwalter - Musical Director

Henry Cheung - Assistant Stage Manager

Ilena Culleton - Musical Director

Morgan Joy - Choreo

Nicole Dunn - Choreo

Kelly Payne - Tech Stuff

Kris Bruun - Writer/Choreo

Kristin Whitfield - Choreo

Megan McCarthy - Producer

Peter Higgins - Associate Producer

Shannon Mitchell - Choreo

Shira Taylor - Choreo

Tim Suthervans - Writer/Video

Written by Tim Suthervans, Kristian Bruun and Ben Birchard

Directed by Chris Peressotti
Music and Vocals by Graeme Drinkwalter and Ilena Culleton

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