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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2007


Show Description


Desperate to save Vincent Chase’s flailing career, the cast of Entourage head to Hollywood North to film Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection Boogaloo. Starring opposite him is the darling of rehab, Lindsay Lohan, whose erratic behaviour leads to an accident on set and a trip to the ER. That’s where we find the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, working under the OHIP regime as part of a Doctors Sans Borders component of their internship.

Long ER waiting times, bizarre love triangles, blasphemy and botched brain surgery lead to a night of hilarity, song and of course, drinking.

The Players

Ashley Callaghan - Dr. Izzie Stevens

Candice Gilliam - Dr. Cristina Yang

Chris Peressotti - Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Sheppard

Danielle Meierhenry - Lindsay Lohan

Jim Vlahos - Vincent Chase

Josh Weale - Jonny "Drama" Chase

Laura Barr - Dr. Meredith Grey

Mark Raheja - Ari Gold
Natasha Boomer - Dr Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey
Tim Evans - Turtle

The Band

Dan ‘Banger’ MacKay – Bass

Don Duval – Guitar

Frank Cipolla – Drums and Percussion
Graeme Drinkwalter – Trumpet

Jamie Lamb – Keys
Marc Siversky – Drums and Percussion

The Production Team

Chris Engel - Choreography

Eleri Evans - Choreography

Felicity Alexander - Director

Fiona Stevenson - Producer

Jamie Lamb - Musical Director
Jim Vlahos - Writer

Kelly Payne - Lights and Technical
Lyranda Martin-Evans - Producer & Writer
Victoria Martin-Evans - Stage Manager

Peter Higgins - Intro Video

Taya Van Watershoot - Choreography

Written by Jim Vlahos and Lyranda Martin-Evans
Directed by Felicity Alexander
Music and Vocals by Jamie Lamb


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