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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2009


Show Description


Everyone’s growing a little secret.

It's 4:20, do you know where your family is? Queen's Players Toronto is back for another high-larious pop cultured tossed salad. We're passing the dysfunction pon the left hand side as the infamous Bluth family from Arrested Development and the pent-up Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane collide for two acts of mind-altering comedy and song. 

The Players

Candice Gilliam

Danielle Meierhenry

Gia Como

Morgan Joy

Carly Heffernan

Megan Mackeigan

Chris Peressotti

Bob Cornwall

Jordan Silverman

Brian Russell


The Band

Dan "Banger" MacKay

Don Duval

Frank Cipolla 

Graeme Drinkwalter 

Jamie Lamb

Kris Bruun

Ilena Culleton

Ben Birchard

The Production Team

Adam Harendorf - Sound Opp.

Amanda Row - ASM 

Ben Birchard - Writer & Choreo

Chris Bond - Choreo 

Darcy Montgomery - Graphic Designer 

Douglas Reid - Raffle

Eleanor Bothwell - Producer 

Frank Cipolla - Musical Director 

Jamie Lamb - Our #1 go-to guy!

Josh Weale - Choreo 

Kelly Payne - Tech Stuff

Kris Bruun - Writer & Choreo 

Laura Hopkins - Stage Manager

Mark Raheja - Choreo

Matt Olmstead - Puppet & Segue Construction

Natasha Boomer - Director & Choreo

Peter Higgins - Ass-Producer, Lights, Video, etc. 

Tim Suthervans - Writer & Choreo

Written by Tim Suthervans, Kristian Bruun and Ben Birchard

Directed by Natasha Boomer
Music and Vocals by Frank Cipolla

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