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Cast, Crew & Band


Fall 2010


Show Description 

The Tranzac is in serious financial trouble, and in an effort to help them raise a bunch of cash by the new year (and thus keep them open) QPT is staging this special show and will be donating all proceeds to the Tranzac.  The show will very closely resemble the usual QPT format you've come to know and love, and is guaranteed to blow your socks off!

The Cast:

Danielle Meierhenry

Aimee Collins

Gia Como

Megan MacKeigan

Tim Evans

Brian Russel

Morgan Joy

Candice Gilliam

Kris Bruun

Ben Birchard

Matty Burns

The Band:

David Wencer - Keys

Jamie Lamb - Keys

Ilena Culleton - Sax

Graham Smith- Bass

Paul Hopson - Guitar

Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet

Julian Vardy - Drums

Don Duval - Guitar? 

Dan MacKay - Bass

Dave Finkelstein - Guitar

Frank Cipolla - Drums

The Production Team:

Peter Higgins

Amanda Row

Kelly Payne

Misha Stecyk

Laura Hopkins

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