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One Weekend ONLY! • June 7 & 8 are 2 show nights • All sales final
On 2 show nights, you can buy for either show - or come to BOTH!

June 6, 7, 8, 2024

@ Comedy Bar Danforth

for your support!

Summer 2024


Show Description

The first immersive dining experience is opening in Barbieland and the new management has hired some of Chicago's hottest chefs to beef up the joint. But someone on the team has an ulterior motive that could change Barbieland forever, and so the bears and dolls must put their imaginations to the test to make every second count if they want to succeed.


The Players

Chelsea Jayne Bray

Emily Ferrier

Jonah Paroyan

Matty Burns

Meredith Mullen

Paul Smith

Ryan Hancock

Urjy Kumsa

The Band

Cameron Brown - Guitar

Dylan Cantlon Hay - Bass

Jamie Lamb - Keys

Justin Bell - Drums

The Production Team

Alessandra Ferreri - Artistic Producer

Elisabeth Pinto - Costumes and Props

Heidi Nickel - Stage Manager

Jamie Lamb - Co-Music Director

Josh Murray - Choreo

Justin Bell - Co-Music Director

Lisa Kileeg - Producer

Maddie Yule - Costumes and Props

Meg Mack - Director

Mikayla Bondy - Vocal Director

Nate Ives - Co-Writer

Nic Calvo - Choreo

Olivia Orsi - Co-Writer

Peter Higgins - Intro Video and Website

Phil Fernandez - ASM

Tiana Lam - Social Media Coordinator

Victoria Maria - Assistant Director

Cast, Crew & Band

Show Program Here

(contains spoilers)

Written by Nate Ives and Olivia Orsi

Directed by Meg Mack and Victoria Maria
Music and Vocals by Jamie Lamb, Justin Bell and Mikayla Bondy


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