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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2010


Show Description

School spirit on the rocks!       

In order to save McKinley High from being turned into a Brad J. Lamb condo development, Glee club needs to go from broke perennial losers to rich pop idol sensations.  Sue, who only wants to see Glee club fail miserably so her Cheerios can succeed, encourages Will to “borrow” money from the school’s reserve fund to hire an ad agency to help make this happen.  She pushes him to work with Sterling Cooper, secretly knowing that a 1960’s campaign will alienate every modern day teenager and be a huge flop, causing Will to be fired for stealing from the school when he can’t pay the money back. 


Will Don Draper crack the big idea while drinking his body weight in liquor?  Will Glee club put together an album that today’s teen will actually pay to download?  Will Quinn’s pregnancy go more smoothly if she picks up a pack a day habit from Betty Draper?  Or will Sue Sylvester finally get her way and turn her pre-construction condo investment into a cheerleading super store?  


Find out all this and more, spring 2010 with MADglee.

The Players

Aimee Collins

Alli Etherington

Ashley Keefer

Ayla Summers

Chris Peressotti 

Dave Babin

Jason Zinger

Matt Burns

Michael Bodsworth

Morgan Joy 


The Band

Chip Snider - Sax

Dave Wencer - Keyboard

Derek Zwiep - Drums 

Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet

Graham Smith - Bass

Ilena Culleton - Sax

Paul Hopson - Guitar

The Production Team

Amanda Row - ASM 

Basil Douglas Cowieson - Writer

Ben Birchard - Choreo

Brendan Quinn - Commercial Video

Brian Russell - Intro Video, etc.

Candice Gilliam - Director

Chris Bond - Choreo

Chris Drost - Commercial Video

Chris Hicks - Additional Music

Darcy Montgomery - Graphic Designer

Doug Reid - Fundraising

Dwayne Hill - Voice Over 

Graeme Drinkwalter - Musical Director

Ilena Culleton - Musical Director

Jamie Lamb - Character work

Josh Weale - Choreo

Kelly Payne - Tech Stuff

Kirstin Whitfield - Choreo

Kris Bruun - Choreo

Laura Hopkins - Stage Manager

Lisette St. Louis - Choreo

Lyranda Martin-Evans - Writer

Mark Hajek - Commercial Video

Megan Mackeigan - Choreo

Megan Waychison - Commercial Video

Misha Stecyk - Sound Op

Monica Remba - Commercial Video

Peter Higgins - Producer & Lights

Rica Eckersley - Writer

Steve Szeto - Associate Producer

Tim Evans - Fundraising 

Written by Basil Douglas Cowieson, Lyranda Martin-Evans & Rica Eckersley

Directed by Candice Gilliam
Music and Vocals by Graeme Drinkwalter, Ilena Culleton and Chris Hicks

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