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Cast, Crew & Band

7 & 9pm on Saturday Nov 25, 2023

Comedy Bar 2800 Danforth Ave

Doors Open 30 mins prior to shows • Buy for either show - or BOTH • This is a 19+ event • All sales final
A limited number of walk-up tickets will be available.

Winter 2023


Show Description


"These Fungi! They're trying to kill me!"

In a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, a group of survivors seek the antidote at its last known location: the luxury resort "White Lotus: Greater Toronto Area". Shortly after they arrive they discover the doctor responsible for the cure has been murdered and the antidote stolen. As resources dwindle and the fungi face monsters close in, the guests must learn to work together to solve the case and save the world. 


The Band

Ben Birchard - Guitar & Percussion 

Jamie Lamb - Keys & Synth

Matty Burns - Percussion & Keys 

The Players

Dave Miller

Julia Fulton 

Meg Mack

Mike Jankovich

Stephanie Adams

Wellesley Robertson III  

The Production Team

Columbia Roy - ASM/Props

Jamie Lamb - Music Director

Lisa Kileeg - Producer

Nick Wakeham - Head Writer

Peter Higgins - Website

Phil Fernandez - Director

Written by Nick Wakeham

Directed by Phil Fernandez
Music and Vocals by Jamie Lamb

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