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Cast, Crew & Band


Summer 2012


Show Description

What happens when cast members from 30 Rock are banished to Toronto following the hostile buyout of NBC by the CBC?  What happens when you mix in cast members from True Blood looking to sell their new blood-laced beer to thirsty Canadian beer drinkers?  We’ve put these two all natural ingredients into a vat and are letting it brew.  Come June 2012, this hilarious and potent show will be uncorked, ready for you to drink - shotgun’d of course, no sipping!  Get ready for the delicious taste of New York wit, the floral bouquet of Southern charm, and the thick frothy head of Canadian politeness.  But there’s more to this brew… Which TGS cast member will be turned into a vampire?  Which Bible Belt Southerner will join Stephen Harper’s Conservatives?  Who will end up with their own comedy show on the newly merged CNBC (Canadian National Broadcast Company), and who will get “cancelled” and receive the True Death?  All the bloody details will be revealed.  We dare you to come out for a good laugh, as you drink our psychedelia-inducing red beer, in a show that will truly rock.



The Players

Aimee Collins

Alli Etherington

Andrew Kelly

Brian Russell

Candice Gilliam

Jess Levy

Josh Murray

Laura Tremblay

Matty Burns

Michael Ceci


The Band

Chip Snider - Trombone

Dave Finkelstein - Guitar

Derek Zwiep - Drums

Fraser McDonald - Guitar

Graeme Drinkwalter - Trumpet

Graham Smith - Bass

Jason Zinger - Keyboard

Ilena Culleton - Baritone Sax

The Production Team

Asta Augaitis - Head Choreographer

Ayla Summers - Assistant Stage Manager

Ben Birchard - Director

Darcy Montgomery - T-Shirt Design

Erica Brown - Program Design

Hunter Molnar Stanton - Video

Jack Chen - Video

Jamie Lamb - Writer

Jason Zinger - Musical Director

Kelly Payne - Head Groupie

Kristin Rodgerson - Props

Laura Hopkins - Choreographer

Laura Marie McKenna - Choreographer

Laura Moniz - Stage Manager

Leila Bannister - Choreographer & Props

Mark Lesperance - Sound

Megan MacKeigan - Choreographer

Megan McCarthy - Production Manager

Nicole Dunn - Choreographer

Peter Higgins - Producer & Lighting

Randy DeMelo - Logo & Poster

Sandy Gibson - Choreographer

Shannon Mitchell - Choreographer

Shira Taylor - Choreographer

Written by Jamie Lamb - with help from Tim Evans and Mike Payne

Directed by Ben Birchard
Music and Vocals by Jason Zinger

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