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June 2-4 & 9-11 2016 • the Tranzac 292 Brunswick Avenue

Cast, Crew & Band

Doors Open @ 7:30pm • Shows Start @ 8:30pm • This is a 19+ event • All sales final - no refunds

Sex. Clothes. Zombies. This summer's going to be way harsh.


Summer 2016


Show Description

The world has been, like, totally ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. Governments have fallen. Billions have died. Those who have survived live as nomads – brutally doing whatever is necessary in the wild. Sheriff Rick Grimes and his southern band of hopeless wanderers (SING!) have made their way north of the border in search of safe haven from the walking dead. Their last hope is #darkTO where the only refuge from the Blackberry-using, bat-flipping, bike-lane-loving zombies is a private all-girls school so exclusive that it denied all zombies admission.


The surviving students and faculty barricaded themselves from the outside world, trying to keep civilization going with all the dances, shopping sprees, and parties that make high-school life worth living! Integrating the Grimes Gang into the fold will be difficult for both parties as they must reconcile differences of politics, class, race, pride, and prejudice. Headshots will be made, makeovers will be done, and when the unappreciated start to rebel against their place in the high-school clique hierarchy, all hell will literally break loose…



The Production Team

Aimee Collins - Choreo

Alessandra Ferreri - Writer & Stage Manager

Amy Hopkins - Social Media Manager

Andrew Kelly - Writer

Asta Augaitis - Choreo

Brian Russell - Choreo & Ast. Sound Opp

Claire Sears - ASM

Dan MacKay - Choreo

Dayna Miller - Choreo

Don Duval - Choreo

Felicity Barons - Producer

Freyah O’Reilly - Choreo

Jeff Adams - Band Leader

John Stuart Campbell - Tech Director & Sound Opp

Josh Murray - Choreo

Kevin Weber - Video

Laura Moniz - Production Manager

Leila Bannister - Choreo & Props

Mark Driver - Video

Matty Burns - Director

Megan Mackeigan - Writer & Choreo

Megan O’Kelly - Choreo

Merritt Crews - Choreo

Nicole Dunn - Choero

Peter Higgins - Lights & Video

Sarah Bruckschwaiger - Head Choreo

Skye Ashby - ASM & Props

Steven Suepaul - Vocal Director

Tia McGregor - Choreo

The Players

Alison Blair

Andrew Kelly

Candice Gilliam

Dana Schiemann

Dave Miller

Feeras Alled

Megan Miles

Paul “PK’ Kingston

Stephanie Brown
Thomas Tevlin


The Band

Brent Vipond

Cameron Brown

Chelsea Randall

Derek Zwiep

Ethan Handy

Jeff Adams

Michael Henley

Russell Matthews

Written by Andrew Kelly, Megan Mackeigan and Alessandra Ferreri

Directed by Matty Burns
Music and Vocals by Steven Suepaul, Jeff Adams and Matty Burns

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