Nominees for the Board of Directors

Below are the nominees for the three open Board positions being filled at our 2021 Annual General Meeting. The nominees are listed alphabetically by first name and include a brief paragraph from each nominee as to why they'd like to be on the Board of Directors.


Voting will take place over 48 hours between Tuesday, Nov. 23rd (starting at 7:30 pm) and Thursday, Nov. 25th (concluding at 7:30 pm). We encourage you to read these statements and vote in advance of the meeting. There will be no candidate speeches at the meeting. 



For your reference:

1. The current long-term goal of Players is to continually improve Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within our company. Please keep this goal in mind when making your selection of whom you think will best be able to help us achieve it as a member of the Board.


2 .The current members of the Board are:


Megan MacKeigan - Exec

Steven Suepaul - Exec

Andrew Kelly

Dane Bland

Jeff Adams

Michael Henley


Matty Burns also continues on as Artistic Director for our 2022 season.