Nominees for the Board of Directors

Below are the nominees for the four open Board positions being filled at our 2020 Annual General Meeting. The nominees are listed alphabetically by first name and include a brief paragraph from each nominee as to why they'd like to be on the Board of Directors.


Voting will take place over 48 hours between Thursday, October 22rd (starting at 7:30 pm) and Saturday, October 24th (concluding at 7:30 pm). We encourage you to read these statements and vote in advance of the meeting. There will be no candidate speeches at the meeting. 




Dane Shumak

I am humbled to accept my fellow Players’ nomination this year! This is my third year standing for election to the Board. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result - and it’s true. I’m crazy about Players! But the reason I keep running is because I know my skills as a professional fundraiser can make a real strategic difference for the board. I also know my commitment to ideals of diversity, access & inclusion will help further the company’s mission, and I hope that my past experience as Producer for the summer show lends confidence in my experience for this role. I really think I can make a difference, and I’d love the chance to try

Felicity Barons

I have been an active member since Players first started and have taken on tons of roles. I love having input into growing this company and being on the board gives and inside track. I would love to be back on the board and help grow our membership though engagement and social media.

Michael Henley

Who am I? I’m Mike! I’ve been a part of Players since 2016, mostly being involved as a musician and Music Director!
Why do I want to run? I have always wanted to give my heart and soul to this company and its community, and feel that my next step with this not-for-profit organization would be to learn about how the Board operates and to help it succeed.
What do I bring? I have been a freelance musician, music director and now music producer for many years, and wish to bring that perspective and those abilities to the Players team.

Jeff Adams

I have been an active member of the Players community for 5+ years now and in that time, I have been involved with nearly every show -- from cast, to MD, to guitarist, to Board member. Players is a huge part of my life and I am devoted to its longevity. Teacher by day, Player by night, my educational background and multi-faceted show involvement equips me with a deep, empathetic understanding of our unique company and how we can continue to evolve for the better.

Andrew Kelly

My involvement in Players over the years — from my first role in 2011 thru a dozen productions as performer, choreographer, writer, & director, as well as years on the Board and currently as part of the Exec — equips me to know what makes Players “Players,” while envisioning how we must change and grow to keep the company moving forward. Despite the year of Covid, I remain fiercely dedicated to the company and passionate about our charitable mission, our talented, supportive members, and our reputation as a welcoming space to share laughs, love, and rock n’ roll.

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