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Please use a computer to apply


- This is a non-union, volunteer-based production.
- We encourage you to be vaccinated and wear a mask.
- We will be following all public health and venue COVID rules.

- You can review past Players shows HERE.
- You can choose an in-person or virtual audition.
- Please review our Code of Conduct and DEI statement below.
- Please note our Rehearsal and Show dates below.
- All applicants must be at least 19 years old.


Code of Conduct

Players is a safe and inclusive space for all. We recognize our responsibility to make all members of our cast, crew, and community feel equally respected and protected from mistreatment. There is no place for hate speech, gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any form of discrimination within our space.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
Why audition? Players is committed to creating a fun, inclusive comedy experience: the vibe we go for with our shows and process is one of celebration, where parody and satire are the central themes of our show. As a collaborative process, we’re committed to ensuring that all voices are heard and material that does not meet the standards of our code of conduct and commitment to diversity is strictly off-limits. We want you to have a blast being your authentic self in our rehearsal room and on our stage and will do everything in our power to ensure you’ve got a safe space to do so! We strongly encourage auditions and submissions from people from all backgrounds, especially from communities that experience marginalization, oppression, and under-representation on stage. Should you need accommodations in the audition process, please reach out!

Rehearsal Schedule and Show Dates (subject to change)

Rehearsals will begin Monday April 25th, and will be held roughly three times a week (days of the week will vary) mostly at the Tranzac. Some weeks may be subject to change based on rehearsal needs. We expect our cast to be available for the vast majority of rehearsals. 

Show dates are June 9-11 and 16-18, 2022.

Players thanks all applicants for their submissions, however, only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

Please review the character breakdowns below and then proceed to the bottom of the page to apply to audition.

Character Breakdowns


Taissa (black female)
Taissa is a strong, ambitious, brilliant, independent queer Black woman, who has moved to Toronto and purchased the Toronto FC soccer team. She sometimes blacks out, climbs trees, and eats dirt when she’s stressed out. What else will she do?


Shauna (any ethnicity)
Shauna is disguised as a sweet suburban mom/parent, but is a freak with knives, sex and is a genius. They will kill and eat the rabbits in their garden, and have an affair with you and kill you, but also make sure you get to soccer practice on time.


Misty (any ethnicity)
Never one of the popular kids, and always trying a little too hard, Misty has a lot of tricks up their sleeve. They are heavy into pharmaceuticals, stealing from their job at the nursing home, and solving crimes. Never underestimate saccharine Misty, this punch is poison.


Natalie (any ethnicity)
Nat is a wild punk and was dealt a rough hand. Great with a gun and terrible with partners, they just want love and respect and a stiff drink. They are an out there conspiracy theorist with big trust issues.

Ted Lasso (any ethnicity)
Ted is a very upbeat, glass half full, American football coach. They are full of wacky analogies and talk too much to hide from their inner demons. They don’t know much about soccer, but they know how to motivate people and do the macarena.

Roy Kent (any ethnicity)
Premier league legend and foul mouthed “uncle Roy” is jelly covered in sandpaper. Obsessed with reality tv, rose wine, and finding their anger. They is loyal, and moral, and mad.

(two of the following)


Jamie Tartt (any ethnicity)

Such a dick. Jamie thinks they knows best, is the hottest, best soccer player, best everything. You love them, but you hate them, you want them to hunt for food, but you also might want them to get eaten.



Dani Rojas (performer identifying as Hispanic)

A very positive team player, they are very spiritual about soccer, and believe the soccer gods are speaking to them and that they brought down the plane. They take on characteristics of Lottie from Yellowjackets.




Sam Obisanya (black performer)

The most level-headed ‘straight man’ of them all, an excellent cook and casa nova with everyone. They are pumped to be stuck in the woods with these mature ladies.

Characters are subject to change depending on casting, and while based on characters from Ted Lasso and Yellowjackets, they are subject to new nuances and interpretations by the writers, directors and actors.

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